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Flag Football - Sharks vs. Minnows Drill

This is a great flag football drill to help develop flag grabbing skills for defense and running back skills for offense. Young Flag Football players will find this drill fun. Flag Football Coaches will find this drill helpful in teaching good youth football fundamentals.

For this flag football drill, designate an area on the football field for play. All players must stay within this designated area. Start with one or two players designated as the "Shark(s)" This player will be on defense. The rest of the players are the "Minnows" and will be on offense. The object of the "Shark" is to grab the flag of the "Minnows". Once a "Minnow" has their flag grabbed, they then become "Sharks", and attempt to grab the flag from the other "Minnows". At the start of the game the "Minnows" should be on the run trying to avoid the "Sharks". The game ends when there is only 1 "Minnow" remaining. Once again, this is a great drill to work on flag football defense and flag football offense.



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