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QB Progression Drill

For a Quarterback, having multiple targets can be a blessing and a curse. Many young QBs make their decision whom they are going to throw the ball to BEFORE the play even starts (whether the receiver is open or not). The QB must be able to scan the field, looking at all their targets and throw to the best target. To help the QB can experience scanning the field, try the QB Progression drill.

For the QB Progression Drill, start with a QB, and 3-4 Receivers.

Before the snap the coach tell the Receivers what pattern they should run and the coach should also instruct the QB on what their progression should be. For younger less experienced players a good rule of thumb is to have the progression directional in nature (Right to Left or Left to Right).

On the snap, the receivers should run their patterns, the quarterback should execute a 3-5 step drop, having his head up, and looking downfield at his receivers. The quarterback will look at each target and throw to the best option. The QB should throw the ball within 3 seconds of setting up.

For the first few times, have the receivers run at speed.

As the QB becomes comfortable with the progression drill, add Defensive Backs to the mix.




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