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The Duck Walk Drill for Offensive Linemen

A drill too often overlooked, but wholly fundamental to the offensive line is the Duck Walk Drill. One of the most common mistakes in football is for an offensive linemen is that during the start of a play, the offensive linemen's first move is to stand up. Footbal is a game of leverage and a lineman needs to stay low and fire out.

This football drill will help with the execution of the "thrusting the hips" and firing out because it establishes the hitting position for the lineman; which differs from a linebacker or defensive lineman. This football drill also works on conditioning. An offensive lineman needs endurance in their legs above all to maintain low hitting position and to move during pass protection.

The Duck Walk Drill Starting Position

Just as the title indicates, for this drill the player walks like a duck.

Position One: The player begins with their feet shoulder width apart and slightly staggered (either one foot slightly further back than the other)

Position Two: The player bends the knees, not the back, at a 90 degree angle so that the player's hips are parallel with their knees. This is like that of a weightlifting squatting technique.

Position Three: The player bends at the waist, setting belly on the thighs. This will naturally bring their hips up slightly. Their back should be as flat as a table.

Position Four: With a flat back, do not let them pick their bellies up from their thighs, roll their neck back so that their eyes are looking forward.

The Duck Walk

With the player's necks rolled back and bellies on thighs, the player should walk like this for five yards. The lineman's legs should fatigue pretty quickly.

Over time lengthen the distance from 5 yards to 10 yards and so forth.

This drill will help your offensive linemen stay low, fire out, and comfortable going out on linebackers low and ready to explode up through them.

In football, the key to blocking is leverage and the key to leverage is staying low.

Don't let your lineman stand up at the execution of the play; have them stay down.

The Duck Walk Drill will help!


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