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Football - Fill the Hole Drill

The V Tackling Drill is another moderate collision football drill that is great for developing proper tackling fundamentals and a great defense. For this drill split your team into 2 groups. Arrange 3 tackling dummies into a "V" shape with the third tacking dummy sealing off the area of play. Have each group line up behind the tackling dummies. One group of players will be the running backs, while the other group will be the defenders. At the coach's command, the running back and defender will accelerate towards each other, staying in the area of play. The running back will attempt to run over the defender while the defender will attempt to tackle the ball carrier. At the start of this drill, it is important the ball carrier stays in the practice area. As the players become sufficient in this drill, you can widen the area of play. The coach should ensure that the defender is demonstrating good tackling fundaments: tackling low, proper positioning of the head, wrapping of the arms, and a wide base for leverage.






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