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Football - Angle of Pursuit Drill

In Football it's very important to teach your defense to take the proper angle of pursuit. Many young defenders will simply chase a running back from behind, or the defender will run to where the running back is now and not where they will be. For this defensive drill, explain the importance of the angle of pursuit. First walk your players through their pursuit. Players furthest from the play/ ball carrier will take the largest angle to the play. Emphasize that the players should be running to where the running back will be (not where the ball carrier is now!). After walking your football players through their angles, set up the drill at full speed. This drill can be done with the entire defense: Defensive Line, Linebackers, Defensive Backs. etc. At the coach's command or snap of the ball the defenders should simulate taking on a defender, drop to the ground, quickly get up and then begin pursuit of the ball carrier. For this drill the defenders should simply touch the ball carrier. The ball carrier continues down the sideline until all players have touched him. Ideally the defense should touch the ball carrier every 3-5 yards. This drill can be used by all levels of Flag and Tackle Football.




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